Legislative Update: AAs and Supervision

The 2023 legislative session in the General Assembly has been a busy one for VANA.

Two bills were introduced that would have allowed AAs to practice in Virginia. Fortunately, both HB 1925 and SB 1342 were stopped in the legislature before they could advance out of committee. But they did pull a sneak attack in the budget process (click here to learn more).

We also had legislation introduced that would end supervision of CRNAs in Virginia. Our bill, HB 2287 sponsored by Del. William Wampler, also failed to advance out of a subcommittee of the House Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee.

VANA members have stepped up to make our voices heard during this legislative session. More than 300 VANA members took action in January to inform their legislators about what these bills would do to Virginia’s healthcare system. More than 900 emails and phones calls were made to legislators to tell them that AA legislation is bad medicine for Virginia and to support ending supervision for CRNAs. And at our legislative action day at the Capitol on Jan. 25, more than 100 CRNAs and SRNAs came to the Capitol to make sure lawmakers heard our voices loud and clear!

One takeaway from the legislative session so far is our need to gear up for even more action in the future.

This means that we have to start organizing now for the next session of the General Assembly. We were incredibly effective this year in contacting our Delegates and Senators to make CRNA voices heard. We want to thank Del. William Wampler for sponsoring HB 2287 and giving a voice to CRNAs in the General Assembly. Our legislative battle is only just beginning!

One thing VANA members can do today to help us get ready for the next round is to make a contribution to our PAC, which helps elevate the voice of CRNAs in the Capitol. The PAC enables us to support legislators during their campaigns and gives us the ability to participate in the policy debate. Your support of the PAC is critical to our success. Click here to make a donation today.

The 2023 legislative session showed us that Virginia CRNAs are strong. Great work, VANA members! Your hard work will help us carry the day!

Winter 2023 VANA Newsletter