VANA PAC Challenge

VANA has been facing off with the Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetists (TANA) for our first annual PAC Challenge to encourage our members to contribute to our PACs. Our goal is to encourage our members to make a generous gift – and become a monthly donor – to help advance the cause of CRNAs in Virginia! Competition has been fierce but as we clear the third quarter VANA is in the lead with 775 to 693 points.

The mission of VANA PAC is to educate and inform elected leaders, as well as the public at large, about the laws and policies that affect how we as CRNAs effectively provide care to our patients in Virginia. Be part of the solution and help VANA beat TANA in the PAC challenge! Donations can be made to VANA’s PAC HERE or text “CRNA” to 801801.

Winter 2023 VANA Newsletter