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The CRNA-PAC, Virginia CRNAs Who Care About Healthcare, serves to raise the visibility of CRNAs and the importance of the profession among candidates for state office who have taken responsible positions regarding quality healthcare and other issues of importance to CRNAs, regardless of their political affiliation. By donating to candidate events, CRNAs have the opportunity to attend candidate fundraising events and educate decision makers. CRNA-PAC strengthens our voice among this important audience. DONATE TODAY!

Contributions to the CRNA-PAC can be made by credit card or check. For credit card payment, please fill out and submit the form below. For checks, please fill out this form and mail with your check.


VANA offers an opportunity for its members to contribute to the health of this organization and every Virginia CRNA through its GEM program. Studies show the long-term viability of any organization stems from its monthly contributions. This proves true for our PAC. Legislative changes depend on PAC dollars and PAC depends on its GEMS. In fact, the vast majority of PAC funds come from monthly GEM contributions.

Become a GEM and know you are doing a great service to protect our profession and keep Virginia CRNA strong. Sign up below.

Gem Levels
Amethyst: Less than $25 per month
Ruby: $25 – $49 per month
Sapphire: $50 – $74 per month
Emerald: $75 – $99 per month

Diamond: $100+ per month


This page is for individual contributions. If you are a business and would like to contribute, please click here.

Your contribution to the CRNAs Who Care About Healthcare PAC is not tax deductible.

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Be a voice for Virginia CRNAs and for your future and donate to the PAC! The CRNA-PAC provides financial support to candidates seeking election to the Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate. Learn more and donate today!

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