Tell your CRNA story…

By Jean Snyder, VANA Communications Committee Chair

Let’s play a game.

Answer each question based on your past or present experience.

Each yes scores you one point. 


  1. Are you a military CRNA that is (was) allowed to practice independently when you are (were) active duty?
  2. Are you a civilian contractor that works (or has worked) at a military facility and practices independently or collaboratively?
  3. Are you a CRNA that is working at a facility that is short staffed?
  4. Have you ever had to wait to start a case or an emergency until an anesthesiologist arrived to meet the supervision rules or the facility bylaws?
  5. Are you a CRNA that has regional anesthesia training but cannot place blocks in your facility because of MDA control or bylaws?
  6. Do you work with a surgeon who prefers CRNA anesthesia?
  7. Do you work at a CRNA-only-anesthesia facility?
  8. Do you work at a facility that has anesthesiologists but not in a 1:4 supervision ratio but rather a collaborative work environment?
  9. Do you work in a facility that has anesthesiologist(s) who leave at 3 and CRNA-solo is on call?
  10. Do you work in a facility that has 1:4 supervision but has deviated from this ration when short-staffed? 
  11. Do you work at a facility that has delayed a surgical start because they did not have enough anesthesiologists to meet the 1:4 ratio for supervision?
  12. Do you work at a rural facility where, without your services (either ACT/solo), there would be no surgical care for patients without them having to travel over 100 miles?
  13. Have you provided CRNA-solo anesthesia for disabled and economically disadvantaged clients?
  14. Do you know a CRNA who left Virginia to practice to the full extent of the education and training?
  15. Has your work or knowledge been overlooked because the perception is that physicians are the expert but nurses can not be?


How is it that the experts at the head of the table are not acknowledged as such?


Shoot a text to 757-876-3042 with your first name and the number you scored.

Send me an email ( and tell me your story.

Join us at the VANA Leadership on July 30 in Richmond – it’s time to stand up and be counted as the anesthesia expert.

Summer 2022 VANA Newsletter, Monitor