CRNA Wins Prestigious Military Award


Virginia Certified Registered Nurse, Association President and Air Force Colonel Jan Setnor received the Brigadier General Beverly Lindsey Excellence Award.

VANA President, Jan Setnor, has just been named the United States Air Force Reserve Command, Nursing Leadership ExcellenceAward winner for 2015.

Each year, this award is presented to one individual. Quoting now from the Air Force Regulation, “This award is a singular lifetime leadership award for cumulative career accomplishment. It rewards and recognizes outstanding individual achievements and contributions to both the Air Force Reserve Command and Nurse Corps.” Recipients must, “Perform at an exceptionally meritorious level in providing nursing leadership and clinical support to the Air Force Reserve Command throughout their nursing career.”

For the past twenty-five years,Jan’s career in the Air Force Reserve has been one of superlatives. She was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm. She served with distinction as a flight nurse, instructor and evaluator. After becoming a CRNA, she excelled in numerous postings, including service in Afghanistan as the sole anesthesia provider at a Forward Operating Base. She is currently a full colonel and serves on the Air Force Surgeon General’s staff at the Defense Health Headquarters. Her reaction to receiving this award was typically understated. “It has been a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful team. It’s also kind of expected in my family, that military service is a way to pay it forward for the sacrifices of those who have ensured our freedom in the past.” Jan is proud of being part of a long line of service. Her father served thirty years in the Army with three combat tours in Korea and Vietnam, her husband served in the Air Force for thirty years with four tours in the Middle East, her son served in the Marine Corps and completed three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and her son-in-law served with distinction in the Army’s Third Army “Old Guard.”