VANA By The Numbers

Here’s a quick look by the numbers at some of the action VANA members have been up to this year:

  • Throughout the General Assembly session in 2023, 318 VANA members sent nearly 900 letters to their Delegates and Senators to stop AA legislation and promote VANA’s bill to end supervision. Great work, VANA members!
  • During the March Madness social media challenge, SRNAs from Mary Baldwin, ODU, and VCU created 87 social media posts highlighting their CRNA programs. Their content was seen more than 71,000 times and had more than 53,000 video views! Congratulations to our SRNAs for being great ambassadors for their programs!
  • The PAC Challenge with TANA resulted in more than 200 donations to Virginia’s CRNA PAC! During the challenge, the PAC picked up nearly 40 new GEM donors and a significant number of GEM jumps were made. You can help the PAC today by clicking here to donate!

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