Congratulations to the newly Elected Positions

Congratulations to the newly elected members of VANA’s 2022-2023 Leadership 


Maria Hirsch

I would be honored to serve as your VANA President-Elect. My nearly 30 years in the profession has given me the opportunity to practice in a variety of clinical settings and serve in many roles at both the state and national level.  I will continue to support CRNAs practicing at the top of our license and training, and in all settings. Now, more than ever, due to anesthesia workforce shortages, it is evident that CRNAs are the solution to meeting anesthesia needs of a growing patient population. We Are There!

Vice President:

Nickie Damico 

As CRNAs, we have many challenges ahead in the near future in Virginia, such as addressing critical anesthesia workforce needs. As one of the primary anesthesiology provider groups in the Commonwealth, we know well the impact of the pandemic and the extent of staffing shortages, and how to best address them. CRNAs are THE solution for Virginia. More than ever, we need an action-oriented VANA board that will take the steps needed to position our organization and our workforce to successfully face the legislative battles ahead. I have the background, skills, and experience needed to serve in this position. I humbly ask for the opportunity to serve as the next VANA Vice President.

District 1 Director:

Jerrol Wallace

As a previous president of VANA, I know the importance of service and the continued mission that we as Virginia CRNAs need to continue to fight for our equality in this state. The past 4 years of my military career took me to Maryland where I was able to serve at the national level for the council on accreditation for Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (COA) as an Educator Director. My goal as the director will be to support the CRNAs in Hampton Roads and to nurture the SRNAs of Old Dominion University as they are the future of Virginia CRNAs and will continue the fight once we are gone. I am eager to get an opportunity once again to serve this great state and assist the executive board to fight for independence for Virginia.

District 5 Director:

Christopher Simons

My name is Christopher Simons and I am a DNAP graduate from VCU’s School of Nurse Anesthesia. I currently work at VCU Medical Center as a member of their CRNA transplant team. I have a passion for research and teaching and am actively involved in quality improvement projects throughout the clinical arena. I would love the opportunity to serve as District 5’s director to continue to engage with CRNAs from the region and to connect with future CRNAs as we introduce and bring them into the VANA family.

District 2 Leadership Development Committee Representative:

Rita Gonzalez

My name is Rita Gonzalez and I graduated from Louisiana State University. I have been a practicing CRNA for eleven years and have been an independent provider for the past seven years. I am running for the District 2 Leadership Development Committee because I want to engage our membership to become more active in our association. I plan on helping to coordinate family friendly events with our District 2 Director to connect with members and help identify other CRNAs who have leadership potential.

Districts 3 & 4 Leadership Development Committee Representative:

Ramon Medina 

My name is Ramon L. Medina, CRNA. I recently moved from Peach State, Georgia, to Harrisonburg, VA. During the past four years, I have decided to be involved in my state association as a member of the GANA Nominations Committee. Every one of you has the potential to develop your leadership skills and help VANA to achieve a higher level of advocacy and leadership in our state association and healthcare facility. Let’s work together to promote your leadership and advocacy in our District and VANA. 

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