CRNAs giving back during a crisis. How can you help today?

It is time that I make my ask of the Virginia CRNAs. Governor Northem has made a request for Medical Volunteers to step up and volunteer for Virginia's Medical Reserve Corp. I am asking for 20 CRNAs to step up and volunteer to assist Virginia in this time of need. I signed up last night. Please join me as we fight this together.

Medical Reserve Corps

Government Affairs

The Government Relations Committee (GRC), working with the VANA Lobbyist, shall address matters pertaining to legislation and regulations and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

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Is there financial help for VA CRNAs?

Are you not working? Furloughed? Been laid off? There are reduced restrictions on qualifications for VA Unemployment insurance. Your employer has already paid into this system and there is assistance for you. Start your application today! There is also relief coming from our federal government and you may qualify. Just complete your 2019 taxes and a check will come to you. Here is a link to calculate what you may possibly receive. Our VA system is also looking to hire VA CRNAs! See the link below for opportunities!

Unemployment Insurance

Stimulus Package

Veteran Affairs Jobs for CRNAs

Meet The 2020-2021 Board

Get to know your 2020-2021 VANA Board of Directors!

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NBCRNA Recertification

To help inform CRNAs about the CPC Program's 2-year Check-in requirement, the NBCRNA is sharing important resources and a state association toolkit.

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